Davidson and Jones has been a trusted partner for more than 75 years. We’ve partnered to build the communities that help make the Triangle — according to Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes and others — one of the nation’s best places to live and work. Countless travelers enjoy the unrivaled experience of our hotels.

We work hard to earn the trust of:

  • our investors — that we will deliver on time, on budget and with exceptional quality.
  • our customers — that their experience will be second to none.
  • our communities — that we will support those in need support initiatives to enhance and strengthen our corners of the world

Over time, we have built and managed over 7,000 hotel rooms, and currently manage Sheraton Imperial in RTP and Marriott Courtyard at Triangle Town Center. Our current real estate investment portfolio totals over 730,000 square feet of lease space and more than 1,000 acres of land to be developed. With over $14,000,000 contributed to our community through the Seby B. Jones Family Foundation, Davidson and Jones delivers on that trust every day.